I teach Peace Studies at Leeds Beckett University where I run the courses on International Relations and Peace Studies (BA Hons) and MA Peace and Development.

The modules include:

Introduction to Peace and Conflict: This first year undergraduate module introduces causes of war, nonviolence, positive peace, and disarmament.

Understanding Conflict Resolution: On this module students look at how conflict resolution approaches are used in communities, in international mediation, and is used to peacefully transform conflict.

Peacebuilding: This module enables students to look in more depth at the success and failures of peace building on an international level, looking at the work of the UN, international NGOs and local communities.

Conflict Resolution in Practice: This reflective module includes external speakers who work in peace and conflict resolution speaking to the students and they learn to link theory and practice through reflection.

Critical Perspectives on Peace and War: This postgraduate level module requires students to develop a critical view of peace and war, covering structural and systemic issues, as well as specifics on nonviolence, social movements and disarmament.

If you would like to study Peace Studies, we have interdisciplinary degrees at both Undergraduate and Masters level, and we have a PhD programme.
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One of my students wrote this

Peace and conflict studies through the eyes of a student of political science

During one semester I got the opportunity to study peace and conflict studies at Leeds Beckett University. This semester included the modules Introduction to Peace Studies, Understanding Conflict Resolution and Conflict Resolution in Practice. Being a student of political science, going in to peace and conflict studies gave me the opportunity to understand political problems of the international society, and local communities, in a new way. It gave me knowledge required to truly understand the dilemmas of both global and local contexts.

Peace and conflict studies is a subject that I would, with all my heart, recommend to everyone I meet. To me, it is not as much a field of studies as it is an understanding of, and challenge to, the exiting world order and society we all take part in.

Doing one semester with solely peace and conflict studies allowed me to fully focus on the theories within the field. The experience from studies within political science gave me something to draw upon when trying to understand the theories and dilemmas I was posed to.

Finding inspiration and knowledge in several different subjects such as development studies, political studies, international relations, psychology and economics, gives peace and conflict studies a broad variety of theories and ideas. These theories and ideas can be applied to situations ranging from workspace conflicts to local, regional and international political and violent conflicts.

The semester at Leeds Beckett University gave me the chance to meet inspiring teachers, tutors and students who all contributed to my studies. I was challenged to look at and interpret knowledge I already had in a new way and to question facts that I, in some sense, took for granted. More over, I gained skills needed to critically take on dilemmas and situations that I, previously, would have tackled in a different way.

As a summary, the field of peace and conflict studies has given me a broader knowledge and understanding of the existing dilemmas and structures in our society. Further on it has given me some of the tools needed to properly address these problems, both on a local, regional and global level. Finally, studying peace and conflict studies has allowed me to gain a wider knowledge of multiple theories and aspect of our world that I, prior to this experience, would either have taken for granted or not taken into account when addressing different dilemmas. I am grateful for this opportunity and to everyone involved for making this semester a successful and truly inspiring experience.

 Moa Linjer, 2015

Leeds Beckett University”



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