Complexity of militarism…invitation to discuss in Leeds.

Militarism and global military spending is an issue in which is becoming linked to all global challenges, and the complexity of this is bewildering. The World Congress on global military spending 2016 will be time for global conversations, but Peace Studies at Leeds Beckett University is hosting a 2 day preparatory meeting from January 27-28th in Leeds.

Leeds Beckett University. 27th January-28th January. 10-5pm.

We will be bringing together key thinkers and activists from the many aspects of militarism to have time to really map the links, relationships and opportunities for campaigning and research.

In preparation we will collect documents, reports, art and stories which can feed into our thinking. Over two days we will explore, map and question the complexity of how militarism and global military spending are embedded, and find gaps where we can build on the existing campaigning and alternatives. After the two days we will pull together a body of work that can both be used in future thinking and contribute to the World Congress.

Please come!

To register book on Eventbrite.

For questions contact Rachel Julian