Funded research projects

  • British Academy Pump Priming (PI) £10,000
  • AHRC GCRF Urgency Grant (PI) 12 months £140,000.

Policy development oriented research leading to counter human trafficking protection and prevention policies in Kenya (AH/T011769/1)

  • AHRC GCRF Network Plus (Co-I Impact) 4 years.

Network + Creating Safer Spaces (Aberystwyth University) 4 years. £2,000,000.

  • AHRC GCRF Development Award (Co-I) AH/T005394/1

Creating Safer Space – Building Networks and Knowledge Bases for Civilian Protection (Co-I). £60,000.

United States Institute for Peace (PI). Grant number 1804-18482

Impact of civilians monitoring the Philippines Framework and Comprehensive agreements. $88,000 (2019-2020) PI’s Dr Rachel Julian and Ronnie Delsy, Nonviolent Peaceforce.

A 2-year project to collect narrative and interview data on the tasks and roles of civilians in securing the success of the Philippines Peace Process in Mindanao.

AHRC-ESRC PaCCS Innovation Research Grant (PI) AH/N008464/1

Raising Silent Voices: Harnessing local knowledge for communities’ protection from violence in Myanmar £99,290. (2016-2017) PI: Dr Rachel Julian: Leeds Beckett University

An 18-month research project with Nonviolent Peaceforce exploring the ‘primacy of the local’ in UCP through an exploration of the relationship between culture, conflict and lived experience in Myanmar.

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (PI). Demilititarise Peacekeeping. £2880. Grant to host the founding meeting of the UCP Research Network and virtual presence at

  • Leeds Beckett University Collaborative funding from Lives and Voices, Humanities and Participate cluster: Workshop on African research on climate crisis and conflict
  • Leeds Beckett University EDI funding 2023 Indigenous Voices in climate change policy
  • Leeds Beckett University Building International Partnerships Follow on Funding 2019 – writing workshop with partners in East Africa. £3000
  • Leeds Beckett University Building International Partnerships 2019 – Work with Women Peacemakers Programme in Philippines and Myanmar to support meeting in Thailand. £2500

This funding constitutes a new model for partnership building employing feminist and decolonizing strategies as well as building a larger network.

  • LSSS/CeASR Large Partnership Development Grant 2019 – Strengthen international partnerships on unarmed civilian peacekeeping. £7000
  • LSSS/CeASR Development Grant. REF Unit 19 Impact case study improvement. £2000