Projects and Partners

I am privileged to work with amazing people across the world. This is a snapshot of them and the projects we do together.

Partnerships for Equity and Inclusion

Creating Safer Space: An international research project for strengthening civilian capacities for nonviolent (self-)protection in conflict-affected areas. A large network plus including organisations and researchers from South America, East Africa, SE Asia, US and Europe. Funded by AHRC

Involving the poorest: Equitable partnerships for cross-disciplinary participatory research in East Africa.

Changing policy and practice on poverty and exclusion depends on good evidence from research. Participatory research methods empower marginalised people, improves experiential data collection and the impact of research.

Policy influence on countering human trafficking in Kenya with Haart Kenya. Research to explore the needs of victims using experiential knowledge and disseminating with policy makers. Funded by AHRC.

The role of civilians in ceasefire and local security, using unarmed civilian peacekeeping. With Nonviolent Peaceforce Philippines.

Research to understand the impact of ceasefire being monitored by civilians, and community early warning and early response systems for reducing violence and addressing security issues. Funded by United States Institute for Peace.

Community approaches to atrocity prevention. A research project with Nonviolent Peaceforce Philippines and funded by United States Institute for Peace. A study of the methods used in communities to prevent atrocities using participatory and community methods.