Publications and papers

I write, speak and debate on a number of issues around unarmed civilian peacekeeping, nonviolence,  communities and social change.


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• Julian, R,. “Report for MapAction Case Study Evaluation of Haiti Mission September-October 2008” 14 page report commissioned by MapAction November. 2008.

Selected Presentations

  • Julian, R. (2019) Soldiers, civilians and peacekeeping evidence and false assumptions. Presented at Conflict Research Society Conference 2019. University of Sussex.
  • Julian, R., Bliesemann de Guevara, B., and Redhead, R. (2018) Culture and Everyday Peace. Presented at International Studies Association Conference, San Francisco, USA.
  • Julian, R. and Redhead, R. (2018) Human Rights and Peace Practice. Presented at International conference of feminist politics, San Francisco, USA.
  • Julian, R. Culture and Conflict in Myanmar: the complexity of peacebuilding interventions. Presented at Restoring peace: building post-conflict societies. Desmond Tutu Conference, Liverpool. 2017.
  • Julian, R (2017) De-militarising peacekeeping: How unarmed civilians challenge the assumption that ‘if there is violence you need soldiers’. Presented at European International Studies Conference, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Julian, R (2017) An unchallenged assumption: “Guns are necessary for peacekeeping.” Presented at Conflict Research Society, Oxford University
  • Julian, R. Raising Silent Voices: Harnessing local cultural knowledge to understand nonviolent protection in Myanmar. Presented at Conflict Research Society 2016. Trinity College, Dublin.
  • Julian, R. Challenging peacekeeping: how the incorporation of nonviolence reaches out to the ‘local’. Presented at International Studies Conference, Atlanta, USA 2016.

• Julian, R. Challenging Peacekeeping: how the incorporation of the nonviolence reaches out to the ’local’. Presented at Conflict Research Society Conference, Kent University. September 2015

• Julian, R. Peacekeeping transformation: How applying a lens of nonviolence to peacekeeping theory provides a transformative opportunity in violence prevention activities. Presented at European Peace Research Association Conference, Tromso, September2015

• Julian, R and Furnari, E. (2014) Presented at the Why War? International Conference in Bradford.

• Julian, R. Brave and Committed: How civilians use nonviolent power in the midst of violent conflict. Paper presented at Peacebuilding and Power conference 2013 Manchester,UK

• Julian, R. All change again: Can changes in what we do everyday improve the way we demonstrate overall results in locally owned conflict transformation? Paper presented at Conflict Research Society Annual Conference 2012. Coventry September 2012

• Julian, R. Who built the peace? Applying systemic evaluation methods to peacebuilding and conflict transformation. Paper presented at Systemic Approaches in Evaluation Germany January 2011.

• Julian, R., Competition or collaboration: how stakeholder expectations influence the results demonstrated in conflict transformation. Paper presented at Peace and Conflict: an international interdisciplinary conference. Bradford September 2010

• Julian, R. and Webb, D., Overcoming the challenge of causality and attribution in conflict transformation projects in order to show results and evaluate outcomes. Paper presented to Institute of Mathematics Conference: Analysing Conflict Transformation. April 2010.
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