Call for Papers Disarm!

Leeds 27-28th January 2016
Call for Papers

“The world is over-armed and peace is underfunded”

Peace Studies at Leeds Beckett University invites you to submit a paper to our 2 day conference on:

Transforming from a war economy to a peace economy: global challenge and solutions.

The global challenges of climate change, violence, poverty and inequality are the largest complex social and political challenges that humanity faces. Despite decades of work by thousands of people and millions of pounds being spent, the challenges seem intractable. At the same time, military spending and the arms trade has grown and is embedded in economic and political systems, seemingly unquestioned and unthreatened despite it’s role in maintaining violence, diverting resources away from climate change and poverty reduction, and reinforcing global inequality.

This interdisciplinary conference is to explore and bring together those researching and seeking change in the areas of global military spending, militarism, arms trade, militarisation of borders and their relationship with global social and political challenges.

Whilst much has been explored about the global social and political challenges, their relationship with militarism, and global military spending is under-researched and under-theorised. This conference welcomes contributions which might cover, but are not limited to:

  • The impact of global military spending
  • War and poverty
  • Militarism in society
  • Disarmament for development
  • Economic systems which favour people
  • Arms trade and its relationship with militarism

Papers are welcome which combine elements of these themes and can include case studies of attempts to address them in historical or local contexts, as well as theoretical and exploratory papers.

Papers, or research poster, are welcome from academics, students and practitioners.

Deadline for submission by email to Dr Rachel Julian  is October 30th 2015

This 2 day conference will feed in papers, conclusions and discussion to the World Congress in Berlin 2016. We are planning a academic/student exchange leading up to the World Congress – Disarm! For a climate of peace. 

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