Nonviolent Peacekeeping…5 talks, 3 countries and 6 weeks.

Nonviolent Peacekeeping…5 talks, 3 countries and 6 weeks.
Today, September 2nd, Dr Rachel Julian starts an intensive 6 weeks presenting research work on how nonviolence can contribute to peacekeeping, and why it is important.

Rachel argues that nonviolence is an essential component of all the work we do to move away from violence, and towards sustainable peace, and that peacekeeping should not be excluded from this. She demonstrates that over 30 years of practice by civilians, civil society and unarmed agencies has been saving lives, protecting people and showing that peacekeeping doesn’t have to include the use or threat of force.

The talks are

September 3rd. University of Tromso, Norway at European Peace Research Conference

September 11th. Manchester University. Inequality and Peace Conference.

September 14th. University of Kent. Conflict Research Society Conference

September 21st. Public meeting at Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London. 3.30-5pm

October 9th. Bonn, Germany. Keynote speaker at day long Conference on Civilian peacekeeping with BSV.
The talks emerge from research supported by Leeds Beckett University and further information is available for policy experts, academics and students.

Rachel Julian

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